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Kids' Birthday Party Ideas - It's Birthday Party Time!

Having a kids' birthday party is one of the highlights of the year! The birthday boy/girl gets to invite their friends, be the centre of attention, eat cake and turn a whole year older - which is a big deal for younger children. Having a birthday party for your child(ren) is really fun but can also be a bit of a challenge. What kind of party will it be? How will you find the time and how much will it cost?

To help make your kids' birthday party a success, the editors at Grapevine have come up with their 10 best kids' party planning tips!


10 Tips for the Best Kids' Birthday Party Ever!

kids party games

1. Childrens party invitations

Be clear on the kids party invitation, it makes it easier for other parents and for you. You'll get less questions and everything will go more smoothly. Put both a start and end time for the party. If you plan to be indoors or outside, indicate any special clothing that might be needed. If you are providing a meal, then parents will know whether or not to feed their children beforehand. If the party has a theme or costumes are required, let people know well in advance. Not everyone will know your address or have your phone number so be sure to include these details along with an RSVP by date. As a bonus, some of our treasure hunts come with themed invitations you can print at home!

2. Who should you invite to the kids' party?

It can be a bit sensitive who's invited and who's not, for example among children in the same nursery or class. If you invite everyone, it's normally fine to give the invitations to the caregiver / teacher but check with them first. If you invite only a few children, get in touch with the parents directly and try to avoid talking about the party in front of other children.

3. How long should the party last?

About 2-3 hours is appropriate for a birthday party for younger children. Sometimes if a party goes on too long, the children get tired and it can become less fun. It could be fun for older children to watch a movie together, so be sure to factor in enough time so they can watch until the end!
4. How many kids should you invite for the kids' birthday party?
Think about the place where you will have the party. If you don't have a lot of space inside, it can be really fun to have the party outside in your backyard, garden, at the park or a local venue (weather/season permitting). If it rains, don't let it spoil the day - kids love jumping in puddles! When you choose the location for the party, figure out the distance to the nearest toilet. You don't want to have to make 20 trips to the toilet; there won't be time to do anything else!
kids party ideas

5. Planning & Themed Kids' Parties

Plan well. A party with planned activities is often less chaotic than unplanned play time. An organised party can also be more fun and memorable. Theme parties are always fun, there's no denying it! You can have any theme that you want - and naturally it should be the birthday boy/girl who chooses! A themed Kids' Birthday party can be organised with pretty simple materials and doesn't need to cost a fortune. Think of costumes, games and food that go together with the theme. Popular themes can be based on your child's favourite characters or interests - let your imagination run wild! Sometimes you want to have a girls party only, then you might choose a girls party theme and throw a Princess Party and for a boys party you might choose differently and do a Football Birthday Party or a Superhero Party. A themed Childrens' Party that usually works well for both boys and girls, and from a young age is a Pirate Party.

Ideas for Kids Party themes:
Dinosaur Party
Superhero Party
Pirate Kids´Party
Frozen Birthday party
Princess Party
Jungle Party
Circus Party
Detective Party
Pirate Birthday Party Ideas you find here>>

6. With Parents or Without?

If the children are younger it's nice if a few parents are on hand to help. Some children can feel uneasy in a new environment or around children they don't know. If parents are helping, you can show your appreciation by offering them coffee and a piece of cake. Then take advantage of your parental 'resources' and let them know how they can help with different activities etc.
party themes for kids

7. Kids Party Games

Try to make an appropriate choice when you choose party games. Avoid games that exclude children one by one. Even older kids don't necessarily like these types of games. And remember, the whole point is to have fun! If something isn't really working as you planned, just move on to the next activity.

A treasure hunt is really one of the most fun activities you can have at a birthday party and it works at parties held inside or outdoors. You could draw a treasure map yourself with a hidden treasure and a few stations where some challenges or puzzles must be solved. You can even make the map look old by scrunching it up, staining it with a tea bag and carefully burning the edges with a lighter.

Ready-made, super fun treasure hunts can be found on and they can be organised in minutes!

Treasure Hunts for kids

A treasure hunt for kids is one of the most fun Kids Party Games, it's a Party Game that can work both indoors and outdoors. A simple way to organize it is to draw a treasure hunt map that leads to the treasure. Other ideas for a treasure hunt is to make clues that lead to different places and then have some challenges for the kids to solve on the way. Then it becomes more of a mystery solving game and even more fun!
At Grapevine, we have lots of products that make it really easy to organise a fun Kids' party. With your purchase, you receive a structured, ready-made product and all you have to do is print it out. You save time and it can all take place at home, in the park or at the playground and it's much cheaper than renting a venue or paying for a party experience. Our specially designed treasure hunts are heaps of fun with loads of exciting challenges to complete and you get everything you need! The products come in themes that kids love, such as princesses, pirates, detectives or superheroes to name a few. If you already have other activities planned or you simply want to make a get-together more fun, try the basic treasure hunt.
Ready-made, super fun treasure hunts can be found on and they can be organised in minutes! Find them on

8. Kids' Party food and drink

It's always a good idea to serve something to eat at a birthday party. If the kids eat more of a proper meal first then they won't fill up as much on the sugary foods like cake and candy. But you don't have to make them a gourmet meal; something simple will do the trick. Plus, kids who are at a party surrounded by their friends won't sit still for very long. Avoid sticky foods so you don't end up with a gooey mess and make your clean up easier. You could make a skewer with meatballs, hotdogs and vegetables served in a paper cup with a napkin. It works perfectly for eating sitting on the floor - just be sure to cut off the sharp ends on the wooden skewers. It's a cheap and cheerful way to serve up a small meal to youngsters.

Another good snack idea is pizza rolls (see recipe below) or maybe simply a hotdog in a bun with a few crisps on the side. A large bowl with fruit juice, fizzy lemonade and bits of fruit creates a fun and festive drink.
kids party games

9. Kids' Birthday Cake

A cake decorated to the theme of the party is really exciting. If you want to cover your birthday cake with marzipan, you can buy it in lots of different colours. If you haven't worked with marzipan before, it can be a bit tricky getting it rolled out and covering the cake without falling apart. Ambitious cake makers can buy a special metal rolling pin to help with this problem. Another popular and relatively easy alternative is to make your own ice cream cake. With a square block of ice cream, meringue drops, chocolate sauce, cookies and candy, you can build almost anything, a castle, a crown, a snowman, or a train.

10. Goody Bags

It just wouldn't be right having a birthday party without giving out a goody bag at the end. Most kids expect something fun at the end of an exciting treasure hunt too! Remember that you don't have to fill the bags to the brim, a few small pieces of candy and a lollipop should be sufficient. You could also do something more inventive and perhaps even healthier by making your own treat, for example caramel popcorn (see recipe below).
kids treasure hunts
Caramel Popcorn
Festive and fun, popcorn can be a great alternative to a goody bag.
Melt butter and sugar while stirring in a large pot, make sure it doesn't burn. (Gauge the amount of butter and sugar to the amount of popcorn you are making. You only need enough to lightly cover the popped kernels). Remove from the heat and pour in the popped popcorn. Spread out onto some baking paper. Add a touch of salt. Fill paper cones with the yummy popcorn. Easy as 1-2-3!
Pizza Rolls
These smart, tasty and easy-to-eat pizza rolls can be prepared way in advance and frozen until you need them.

50 g yeast
300 ml milk
75 g butter and vegetable oil
2 tbsp. runny honey
approx. 800-850 g all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt

200 ml tomato sauce
200 g sliced ham
200 g shredded cheese
2 tbsp. dried oregano
1 egg to wash with

(makes approx 16)

Method: Mix the yeast into the cold milk. Add the other ingredients and knead the dough, use a food processor if you have one, for about 8 minutes. Let rest under a towel for approx. 15 minutes. Divide the dough in two parts. Roll out each half to approx. 40 x 30 cm. Spread tomato sauce over both dough halves, add bits of sliced ham, then sprinkle cheese and oregano on top. Roll the dough up and then cut each roll into about 8 pieces. Lay the rolled up pieces on their side and put them in a Tupperware in the freezer.

The night before the party: Put the frozen bread rolls on a baking sheet. Cover with foil. Put them in the refrigerator overnight.

Just before the party starts: Heat the oven to 225°C. Brush the tops with an egg wash and sprinkle a bit of oregano over them. Cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

Kids' Party Games:

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Treasure Hunt: Detective Adventure
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Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors
Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors
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