Murder Mystery: Murder at Mystery Manor

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Murder Mystery: Murder at Mystery Manor

Murder at Mystery Manor is an ingenious, fun and easy-to-implement murder mystery that is simple to complete and which fits perfectly for a dinner out of the ordinary! Murder at Mystery Manor requires no special costumes or acting ability on the part of the guests, but is a cleverly devised murder mystery that everyone, regardless of the number of players, can take part in solving.

The Murder at Mystery Manor story is told by a narrator who reveals the exciting events that take place at the Manor house this evening. Each participant receives a booklet with a list of the main characters in the drama and an answer form within which to make notes of any clues to the solution, such as thoughts about the time of the murder, the murder weapon, the motive and, finally, the murderer.

Murder at Mystery Manor is divided up into four chapters, and we suggest that one of these be read before the meal is served, two between courses and the fourth after dinner or with coffee. Guests can decide whether to discuss their findings with each other or keep their guesswork to themselves. If you wish, the guests can also be divided up into teams, which work together to solve the murder mystery. Finally, everyone reveals who they think the murderer is and how it all happened.

Obviously, should you so wish, you can combine solving the crime with a fitting celebration theme and an elegant table setting. Perhaps the host and/or hostess "dress for dinner" at Mystery Manor and the table is set with candelabras, silver cutlery and linen napkins.

Join us for an exciting dinner at Mystery Manor!

You get everything you need to complete the murder mystery in a professional and fun way!

  • Host Guide
  • Introduction to be read to the guests
  • The events - in four short, exciting chapters filled with clues
  • Booklet for every participant with a cover page, a synopsis of the main characters in the drama and space for notes
  • Solution

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    Price: €29.99