Treasure Hunt: The Pirate Mystery, ages 4-6

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Treasure Hunt: The Pirate Mystery, ages 4-6

Pirates are a popular theme for children's parties! Our pirate treasure hunt "makes" the children's party and is the only activity needed! Pirate Captain Twobeard's worst enemy, the cruel Captain Blackbeard, is looking for his amazing pirate treasure! Twobeard himself has been shipwrecked on a deserted island and now he has sent a message in a bottle saying he needs the children's help in saving the treasure! Let the children embark on an exciting pirate adventure.

You get everything needed to arrange the fun treasure hunt, you print out all the material yourself and plan the treasure hunt, outside, inside or both, you use clues or a map for the kids to find riddles and challenges that they have to solve along the way to find the captain's treasure. Riddles and challenges are finished in nice graphics, and with the help of simple instructions and a play schedule, you can organise it all yourself - and get involved with the kids as a playleader! The treasure hunt can be carried out both with a smaller or larger child group. If there are many of you, you divide the children into teams. With our help you can easily and quickly set up a really fun and professional activity for the kids party or class party!

The product includes simple instructions, lots of clues to choose from, play schedule and map page. It also includes an introduction to the exciting story, a letter that arrives from the captain Twobeard by message in a bottle, six tricky puzzles and three challenges as well as key cards that the children receive when they answered a riddle and finally a diploma for all participants.

The treasure hunt can be carried out with just riddles if you want to make it a little shorter, or with riddles and challenges if you want to make it a little longer, also, depending on whether you make the treasure hunt inside or outside and how much distance you put between the puzzles, you can vary the length of the treasure hunt, between about 40 minutes to one hour.

The Pirate Mystery is adapted for children in two age groups. This game is intended for children aged 4-6. A slightly tickier version for kids aged 7-10 can be found here>>

You can organise the treasure hunt for small or large groups or simply divide the kids into teams. Suggestions and tips on how to set up the game are included in the guide.

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Price: €16.99