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pirate birthday party

Pirate Birthday Party - Here are some great ideas for your Pirate Party!

Pirate birthday party invitation

In the Pirate Adventure treasure hunt, a pirate party invitation is included. If you want to make an invitation yourself, you could make one in the form of an old treasure map. Make the paper look old by dabbing it with a tea bag and carefully burn the edges. Draw a treasure map and write the invitation by hand in thick black pen. Roll it up and tie it with a bit of string and you're all set. Ahoy Matey!
pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party costumes/fancy dress

Having a pirate party is popular since it is so easy to buy or make pirate outfits. Making a pirate costume with what you have at home can also be fun! To look like a real pirate, all you need is a baggy white shirt (an old one of Mom/Dad's), a pair of black trousers or tights and shorts. A vest also works well. A bandana tied on the head, eye patch and a gold hoop earring are key accessories - and don't forget the pirate hat! A hook instead of a hand can be made with construction paper and aluminium foil. Cover a clenched fist with foil, make a hook out of cardboard and cover it with foil then attach the two pieces with hot glue or a stapler. A parrot on the shoulder and a sword at the hip will complete the pirate look!

Pirate birthday party decorations

You can buy a lot of party material for a pirate-themed celebration, from table cloths to dishes and costumes. However, you can also easily create a pirate ship atmosphere without having to buy everything. For example, make the colour scheme black and white, make a pirate hat out of old newspapers or decorate with black and white balloons. Check your cupboard for wrapping paper which works really well as a disposable tablecloth or for cutting out placemats for each plate.

Pirate birthday party printables

Here are a few stencils and decoration materials to print out>>

Pirate birthday party menu ideas

What kinds of food do pirates eat? Meat and vegetables skewered on their swords? Exotic fruits from faraway places? Below are a few suggestions to help create the perfect pirate party food, drinks, cake, decorations and costumes.
Swashbuckling skewers
Put a few meatballs or chopped up sausages/hot dogs on a wooden skewer and add pieces of red/yellow pepper and pineapple. Serve with tortilla bread, Tex-Mex salsa, mango chutney, sweetcorn and cocktail tomatoes. The skewers are delicious hot or cold. If you are having your pirate party outside, serve the skewers in a cup (you could cut the skewer in half to fit it in better). Each child gets a cup and should sit down to eat their skewers.

Tip! If you are worried about little ones and the sharp end of the skewer, simply cut it off to a blunt end when you're finished piercing the meat and vegetables.
pirate party treasure hunt
Exotic pirate punch
Make pirate punch with exotic fruit and inspiration from the Caribbean islands (kiwi, melon, pineapple, banana, passion fruit, mango etc.) Mix together exotic juice, fizzy fruit juice and bits of fruit in a large bowl. Add ice before serving. Serve with colourful straws and a wooden skewer cut to size with a pirate flag (see decorations).
Pirate birthday party cake
Make a yummy cake with a sponge bottom and your child's favourite filling. Cover it with black marzipan. Cut out a jolly roger (skull and crossbones) in marzipan or draw it with white icing. Decorate with candy skulls or ready-made pirate decorations. If you don't want to do a cake, a banana split is sure to go down well with the little pirates! Just decorate it with candy skulls!
pirate party game ideas

Pirate birthday party game ideas

A treasure hunt is always fun but a pirate party is a must! Hunting for treasure is exactly what pirates do! With Grapevine's readymade treasure hunt your little pirates are in for a thrilling adventure on the 7 Seas with a game that is perfect for the theme of the party. The Pirate Adventure on the 7 Seas is suitable for children aged 4-6 but there is also a slightly more challenging version for children aged 7-10. If you want to create your own treasure hunt, you could draw a treasure map of the place where you are having the party. Our simpler treasure hunts without themes can also work at a pirate birthday party. These you will find here: treasure hunt (inside) and treasure hunt (outside) depending on the game location.
kids pirate treasure hunt
Pirate Adventure: Treasure Hunt on the 7 Seas
Organise a Pirate Party with an exciting treasure hunt! Send the little pirates out on their ship and tell them to head for the 7 Seas! On their way, they must solve puzzles and complete challenges to find the treasure. You will get everything you need to quickly and easily prepare for the little pirates’ adventure on the high seas!
For kids aged 4-6 years>>
For kids aged 7-10 years>>
detective games for kids
Treasure Hunt: Detective Adventure
A really fun mystery for the kids to solve! In Little Newbury, precious, rare books have disappeared from the library and a reward has been promised if the missing books are found. The children must go on an exciting search following clues and solving puzzles along the way. The treasure hunt is simple to prepare and lots of fun to play!
For kids aged 4-6>>
For kids aged 7-10 years>>
treasure hunt for kids
Treasure Hunt: Jungle Adventure
An exciting treasure hunt for junior explorers! Send the kids on a jungle expedition in search of the Forgotten City and to find the hidden treasure! It promises to be an action-packed adventure with fun challenges, interesting puzzles and wild animal encounters! Everything you need is included – just add your imagination!
For kids aged 4-6>>
For kids aged 7-10 years>>
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