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Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt for Kids Outdoors

It's easy to organise a really fun and exciting treasure hunt for the kids - outdoors! Perfect for parties or a great activity for the younger guests at a gathering.
You get 22 complete clues to print out. The clues are a combination of pictures, rhymes, puzzles and challenging questions. During the course of the treasure hunt, there are some clever details that make it extra exciting to find the clues. It works in various outdoor locations with just a few simple materials. You can adjust the level of difficulty and the length of the game by excluding clues. The treasure hunt is suitable for children aged 3-10 and works really well with a group of children of different ages. The younger children may need an adult to help them, the older children will manage to read the short clues themselves.

Use the treasure hunt as a fun activity at a birthday party, something to entertain the kids at a gathering or to make an overcast Sunday more interesting! The treasure hunt includes a lot of clues and can be tailored to your needs and your advantage. Mix up the unused clues with ones you have already used in a new order so that the treasure hunt can be used more than once - and in different locations.

The treasure hunt is easy to organise and you're provided with most of what you need. Complete clues, instructions and a list of simple props/materials that you probably already have. Nothing is complicated and it's simple to set up. Easy for you and really fun for the kids!

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Price: €12.99